Wednesday, November 29, 2017

White Out

With the weather warming up, all I want to be clothed in is linen. 
I paired my white Bardot pants (similar here) with this Cmeo Collective top 
Sort of gave a relaxed yet chic vibe.

Although I am really enjoying prac and I am placed in a classroom full of chat-your-ears-off children and a wonderful mentor, I just can't wait to be finished.
But then I thought to myself, what happens when I am actually on the job, will I be dreading for the year to end?
We always want what we don't have.

I hope you have a lovely day/week/ rest of the year.

Photos are of course by Magnum <3

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Autumn to Winter

Can't seem to remember the last time I wore stockings, makes me feel like a little girl strutting around in squeaky shoes when I do.
We finally got to visit this orchard where sleep mode is slowly turning on as middle of winter is approaching. I wish we came earlier to see the warm blood orange everyone experienced, it looked magical. 
Now, wind pricks when night falls, legs turning into living stones.

This red dress has little bell sleeves that does not give me extra long limbs. I've had it for such a long time yet this is my first time breaking it out of my packed wardrobe. (I tried looking for dupes for this dress incase you want one to own, but it's either off the shoulder or out of stock, sorry :/). 
Mid 2017 has also been stop-buying-start-wearing situation.

I am at the point where I can't wait to find out what my future looks like, but not ready to be a responsible adult, yet. Remember those days I would look at my sisters thinking "can't wait to be that age and do whatever I want". Little did I know doing what I want also comes with bills and extra mindfulness. 
I'll blog again soon, maybe about e skincare/makeup to change things up a little, comment (or you don't HAVE to) and let me know?! idk.

Anyways, enough about me. What about you? How have you been? 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Swing Mood

I think everyone should at least have a leather (faux or real) jacket as a statement piece in their closet. I paired my girly lace blouse (similar here and here) with my favourite leather jacket (broke mum's bank in 2012 when she got them for me, cheers mum) to get the best of both worlds- edgy and feminine
They say shopping for a leather jacket is like love at first sight, you just know which one is THE one at first glance. 

Also, lets talk abut the distressed hem on my ankles. I have been seeing it everywhere this year and I am in love! Despite the distressed situation on my jeans, it also appears to be high-waisted, which makes a petite girl like me looking a few inches taller. 

Photograph by: Magnum Chin

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Don't speak, listen.

8 years ago, I moved to a complete different country.
He told me all about it. 
What we could all do together, what will happen in the future. 
Bags and boxes all packed and labelled.
I was so excited.

Every evening, I would be catching up with the latest gossip from my friends on MSN.
His daily chant behind my back was "it's bed time".
I'd wave him away.
"5 more minutes".

6 years ago, death greeted him peacefully.
"My deepest condolences to you and your family"- how I still hate reading, listening or hearing this sentence.
Everything was happening so fast.
Was it even real life?

So much mixed emotions around and in me.
Why did something like that had to happen to me?
Why did it happen to someone so genuine and compassionate?
What am I suppose to do now?

I became protective.
I began to shut out irrelevant people.
I started working for myself to gain what I want.
I did it for me.

Friends sympathise. Family criticise. 
"It's been a few years, let it go"
"You should have done this while he was still here"
I wanted to make myself deaf.

He was my world.
He encouraged, supported and gave all he had to me.
Never a "no", always a "try".
I took it all for granted.

Sometimes, little things I come across reminds me of him.
Jokes he'd say to make the whole table roar with laughter.
That warm smile he'd spread across the study table.
"Always listen to your mother".

I started seeing some things in life through his perspective.
I still hear him say "try it with confidence" in my head when I know I failed. 
I still, till this day, wonder what will my life be like if he was still here?

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sunny side of York

 September, the start of a new season. 
Even though we are still greeted by the cold winter breeze, the vibrant stretch of colours on the canola fields warms our soul. We could literally hear bees buzzing through the field from one flower to another, someone nearly lost his nose from hay fever. 

I've been digging the casual white collared blouse trend. 
But, ever since Carys and Kelly introduced me the Joni styled jeans by Topshop, I am OBSESSED. Comfort + Style= Me.

Here are a few shot taken and edited by Magnum
It's good to see someone you love chasing his dreams and slowly developing his skills, making it a reality.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Different shades of syrup

It has been a while since we last visited Fremantle. 
The cold winter air and the subtle scent of fresh salt water from a nearby harbour.
I thought why not go with the boho vibe Freo already have? Three different shades of brown with an unusual stripes, not to mention my 6 years old oxford shoes, they still do the job. 

As seen on me:
Camel cardigan here
Pants from Villians- last summer
Wool hat here

R- Pandora ring here
L- Swarovski here 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Uniform in Tiish, Perth

Remind me when was the last time I planned my outfit the night before prior heading out the next day?
We finally finished semester one and thought why not catch up over brunch in black and white?
The weather is starting to cool down a lot and we either layer up or roast our butts by the heater.
I hope everyone's enjoying their semester break!


As seen on me:
ASOS petite long sleeve turtle neck side slit top (last summer)
MNG Belle Jeans here
Leather jacket from a local shop at Perth- similar here
Urban Soul Collection boots here (on sale, too)

As seen on Sarah:
Witchery top & watch
Zara white pants
Adidas shoes
Lovisa earrings
Garage clutch 
(No links, I cbf, dont h8)

As seen on Christine:
Sportsgirl blouse
Target pants
Payless shoes 
(Are you srsly expecting links, because no)